A downloadable hype campaign

This is a submission for the very unusual "anti-" game jam known as HYPE JAM, which judges entries on the viability of their hype and hype alone, not on playability.

For this event, we designed an ARG-style campaign for a choose-your-own-adventure FMV game called C.R.U.N.C.H. (Capitalism Reinvigorates Urban Networking Collaborative Hotspots).

While the Urban Cyberfunk website mentioned in the video is no longer online/published, it did contain several pages advertising the (hypothetical, imaginary) FMV game C.R.U.N.C.H., as well as fake job listings for community manager and QA tester positions with  extremely time-intensive, unrealistic, and sometimes completely unrelated requirements and responsibilities. Clicking on any external links to either "wishlist the game on Steam" or to "apply for this position" would redirect visitors to gameworkersunite.org.


  • Video editing: Sarah Sexton (@saelia)
  • Music & audio: Adrian Bonar (@hello_program)
  • Website, video editing: Zolaire (@theberlz)
  • [our excellent logo artist, who requested to stay anonymous]


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